Thursday, March 3, 2016

University 1.1

Six weeks in!!  All the school related stuff is actually going really really well right now!  In fact, today I have two mid term exams. Eeek!
Since I have these two exams, I might as well talk about those two classes.  The first one is Contemporary Mathematics. I've been trying to attend class more regularly, but honestly it is SO hard. When attendance isn't even part of my grade and I can get just as much information on the homework website as I can in class, there really isn't much point. But I try to attend class at least once a week, even if I spend half the time using wifi on my phone and taking notes only on the important sections.
Wow. That paragraph makes me sound like an awful student. I promise that isn't true. I've missed almost no other classes at all, so maybe it balances out?!  :)
The second class that I have a midterm in today is Aural Skills. The exam is almost entirely comprised of sight singing. We are given melodies that we have never seen before (usually composed for the class) and must sing them on sight. I'm actually quite good at this class - its going to be an easy A, I think!
My other classes are going quite well also. Music History is the only one I'm a bit behind on, since I haven't gotten my research topic completely ironed out. Thankfully, the research paper isn't due until Finals week, so that should be okay too.
I have been sacrificing a bit of my riding time to get in more piano practice time. It would be nice to have more time for both of them, but that's okay too, I suppose.  Yesterday was my first time to play in my studio class (private performance for my professor and fellow students)and that was fun!  I played two Bagatelles by Tcherepnine and got some great feedback on them both.
Still loving this school, y'all. It's a wonderful experience all around.

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