Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HGBG: Everyday Tack Setup

Considering I haven't ridden in quite a while, this is kind of a funny blog hop to participate in, but here goes. I also don't have any fancy pictures, just what I can find.

Stephanie at Hand Gallop asks: It’s fun to try new stuff and experiment with the latest goodies, but I’m curious to know what your every day tack setup is like.

In general, this is how she looks.

When we ride, we go in a lovely Kieffer Aachen all-purpose saddle. It's a 1999 model that I bought used in December 2014 and I seriously love it. It fits me well and its a good shape for Lady's back - not perfect but the closest we've ever gotten.

I use whichever of my multiple saddle pads that I feel like using on any given day, but I just got bought a thick Roma pad that is going to be the go-to until we build back her topline.
I have no-name brand stirrups and stirrup leathers from the local tack shop - the stirrups are great and work fine, but I would love to have something a bit nicer and more fancy to help my position. The leathers need replaced, so I'm looking into that.

All of that is secured with my very very favorite TSF girth. I splurged last year and went for Total Saddle Fit as a last recourse to helping Lady's saddles not slide all over the place. It works like a gem. Unless I'm not careful about tacking up, the saddle stays put and I feel solid. Plus, it's pretty.

When I use a breastplate I have a no-name brand one again from the local tack shop. It's a very very nice heavy duty one though with great hardware and double leather. Stands up to almost everything I've thrown at it in the past 1.5 years.

I ride in a plain headstall that I bought locally and I don't use a noseband (as of right now). I got my reins off of an older Stateline bridle that was more broken in than the reins that came with the bridle. Nothing special there. In search of a plain cavesson noseband that fits Lady though.

I'm currently using a french-link full cheek with Lady, but we swap between that and a plain loose-ring snaffle. Depends on what I feel we need to work on.


  1. Kieffers are such good saddles- they seem to last forever!