Friday, July 17, 2015

Tips Needed

In the midst of the taking care of Lady drama and everything else that is going on....

My brain is trying to wrap around the fact that I will be moving in approximately 3 months...
I'll be moving across Texas so that I can go to Texas Tech and continue my education.  It's coming up fast and I'm diving headfirst (terrified though, believe me) into searching for housing arrangements.

And boarding barns for Lady, because the horse has to come along, obviously.  I've never ever boarded a horse before.... and although I have family in the area, I don't know anybody with horse experience or connections.

So, my question to everyone is.... have you moved to a totally new city with a horse before?  Did you know people, or how did you find places to board/lesson/vet/etc?

Huge step over here that I'm taking...


  1. Ugh, moving can be the worst. I found boarding barns when I moved up here to NY through google, but I'd also recommend joining any horse groups in the area on FB and asking for personal recommendations. Just be very clear in what you're looking for: whether it's a more low-key facility, something with more atmosphere, or really good pasture board, etc.

  2. When I moved to a new city, I visited as many places as I could. Also -- the COTH forums were pretty helpful.

  3. I moved from PA to MA (and then back to PA several years later) and I actually moved myself first. I asked a good friend in PA to keep an eye on my horse for a month or two until I could really find a GOOD fit because I was in full on panic mode and couldn't find anything for him before I needed to move myself to start working. It wasn't ideal but I honestly couldn't find a barn I knew he'd be happy with in the amount of time I had to move myself.

    Google, FB, COTH forums are all good firsts steps. You can also call farriers, vets, tack shops etc that you find online and ask them if they know anyone, especially if you're looking for a more private barn who wouldn't necessary have a website or be on FB. Best of luck! Moving, especially far away, can be a real pain.