Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lesson Recap/Lady Update

Thursday was my lesson day again, and for the first time, we got to lesson in the outdoor!  *squeal!*  Spring is arriving!!
We did a lot of the same things. Lots of two point at the walk and trot, really improving my posting trot. Everything started to feel fantastic, and even Missy was moving smoother. I always forget just how slow she is to get going - I really have to push her at the beginning, definitely leg work for me. Of course, I'm not used to how much I am supposed to use my leg anyways so it's all new for me.
Anyways, around the time that we were starting to canter, Missy's owner showed up to watch. I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but I love how involved her owner is. Yes I pay her to ride her horse but I guess I wasn't sure what to expect.
The cantering went much better this time. I've gotten much better at the heels down/leg on bit which really saves my balance. And apparently I'm getting better since Lindsey decided that I could go over poles this lesson. I may or may not have gotten excited about this. :) 
Honestly the most difficulty that I had was setting Missy up to go over the poles straight. They were set up on the short side of the arena so I had to work hard on the corner to really get her to lined up correctly. Great exercise and lots of fun!
And I'm sure everyone wants to know how my own special horse, Lady is doing. She is still in East Texas, just enjoying living out in the field with her hay and her pony and nothing to do!  My wonderful best friend has been absolutely brilliant and amazing and taken over her care for the time being. Lady did lose an almost scary amount of weight early in the winter, but she has improved drastically since then and from the sound and looks of things, is doing very well. My friend is one of the few people I trust to ride my horses without permission, and she has been giving Lady a little bit of exercise. Also Lady is a great teacher for her, so I think its been great for them both! 
I've decided to wait until spring is really officially here before bringing her up here to live. I was looking at barns for a while, but proper turnout is very hard to find here and I can't bring myself to change her lifestyle that drastically. Besides, with her getting stiff at times, stalls and small paddocks aren't right for her, and she's not going to be my show horse anyways, so I'm looking instead for some fenced land that someone wouldn't mind running a horse on. As long as there is an open area to ride and some shelter for her and the fences are in great shape, I think she would be happy and I would enjoy it as well. So I'm looking for places now, and hoping to move in April if everything goes according to plan!

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