Friday, February 19, 2016

University 1.1

Somehow this post missed being published yesterday. Not sure how that happened. Anyways.

I've been in school for a full month now. It's been crazy, loads of fun, stressful, and very time consuming (obviously).  Overall, my grades are looking pretty good, with only two classes that really need improvement. I've started talking to myself more and more lately though. Is that a sign that I need help? Am I going crazy? No, just forget I said anything.

I spend a lot of my time in the practice rooms working on Mozart and Tcherepnine and repetitive exercises that strengthen my fingers. And when the muscles in your hands are sore the next day, that is definitely a good thing. I've seen so much improvement in just the month I've been working with my professor and it makes me so excited for the rest of my time here at TTU.

Music Theory is the one class that I really need to up my game on. It's rough for me for various reasons. At first glance, there are a lot of similarities to math:  you learn the rules and apply them to problems to get the desired solution.  I can handle that. I don't like math, but I'm decent at it because I can perform the required steps.  Theory takes it to a whole 'nother level though.  Yes, we learn the rules and apply them to problems, but every single rule has at least half a dozen exceptions and the variables in each "problem" are nearly infinite. It drives my brain to distraction with trying to understand what is going on.

My actual Mathematics class on the other hand is going quite well. Well, other than the fact that I've been to class a total of three times. Whoops.  Honestly, the way they set up math classes in college is so odd. All of our homework is online, on a super fancy website that not only helps you in answering the problems if you don't understand something, but gives you access to the textbook and also other professor's lectures. You don't even have to go to class to get a good grade on the homework. And since my instructor doesn't require class attendance, all I really have to do is make sure I understand the homework and show up for exams. And I pay for this?  *exasperated eye roll*
The other classes I'm taking (Aural Skills, Music History, and Horse Evaluation) are all going quite well. Because of work, I didn't have a chance to study well for my first History exam, but I can push that grade back up next time around. It's a fun class.

Other than really annoying, expensive and frustrating parking situations, I'm super happy to be attending Texas Tech and learning again!  :)

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