Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Training Plan

Training/Schooling plan for Monday, August 4th through Sunday, August 10th.
Possible adjustment due to work schedule.

Attempt at a conformation picture. She didn't understand it.

Monday:  Ride for 20 minutes. Work on 2 patterns.

Tuesday:  Walk for 30 minutes (leading and riding). Liberty in the roundpen. Work on steady pressure and Stick-to-Me game.

Wednesday:  Walk for 40 minutes (leading and riding).

Thursday:  Off.

Friday:  Longe for 20 minutes.  Walk and Trot. Use obstacles.

Saturday:  Walk for 40 minutes (leading and riding).

Sunday:  Ride for 20 minutes.  Passenger lesson at the walk and trot, and Figure 8 pattern.

Last week went haywire with family issues and new job (aka strange scheduling). This week will be crazy, but hopefully much less so.

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