Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Training

This past week went better than most of the rest of August has. Thankfully.  :-)

Monday:  Walked 20 minutes in-hand.
Tuesday:  OFF
Wednesday:  20 minute schooling ride. Found out how to use the outside rein for turns!
Thursday:  30 minute schooling ride. Worked on trotting calmly and a few canter transitions.
Friday:  OFF because work got in the way.  :(
Saturday:  OFF as well because we went out of town.

Plan for this week, although it might get overturned by school and work keeping me busy. I have to leave at 8:30 for school two days a week, so it will be hard those days.

Monday:  Probably off, but I want to get out and at least lunge or something.
Tuesday:  Ride for 20 minutes. Drop stirrups, walk-trot-walk transitions, run through dressage test.
Wednesday:  Again, probably off because of school and work. Maybe I'll put in a bareback ride if I gave Monday off.
Thursday:  Ride 20-30 minutes. Use patterns to get her thinking.
Friday:  This won't be a training day. I want to work on her hooves and grooming and so on.
Saturday:  Walk for 30-40 minutes.

School starts tomorrow!

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