Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Training

It's the last day of August and tomorrow I'll have a goals post up.

For today though, I'm just putting up my plan for the next week. I did well with  keeping up with my schedule last week, even with school starting. Up until Friday-ish and then I started slacking off.

Monday:  Hopefully a good grooming, but since I'm going out with my family for the day, who knows what will happen.
Tuesday:  Ride and work on getting through our dressage test.
Wednesday:  Take a bareback ride off the property and see how far we can get.
Thursday:  Groundwork. It has been a while since I've focused much on this!
Friday:  Either I'll give Lady the day off, or take her out for a "long and low" walk.
Saturday:  If I don't give this day off too, then it will either be groundwork and/or another runthrough of our dressage test.

What are your plans for the week?


  1. Miles is getting a bit of rest after our show this weekend, but then it's back to the grind to prep for our next outing!

    1. That's great! Hope you write up about said show! ;)