Monday, September 1, 2014

August Analysis / September Goals

I love writing these!  Lists, and goals, and plans!!  I just enjoy all of that :)
But before I digress, here is August's analysis...


  • Keep up with my schedule for this blog.  I can't say that I followed the schedule that I made up, but I did put in 14 posts, which is 2 more than I had planned, and the second highest monthly amount since I started this blog!  So, success here.
  • Complete the blogging challenge I chose for my writing blog.  I got behind a few times and had to catch up, but I got all the assignments in and learned a LOT.  Definitely success in the blogging area!
  • Make an A in my summer geology course. I'm ashamed to say it, but this didn't happen. I ended up getting the worst grade I have gotten so far in college. Umm... yeah...
  • Start the fall semester prepared and ready!  I definitely feel prepared and ready to tackle this last semester so I can graduate!

  • Log 12 horsemanship hours/10 rides for summer challenge.  I did not quite reach either of these, but got SO close!
  • Workout again.  I started the month off okay, then slacked off in the middle and now have myself back into a sort of routine.
  • Journal every night.  Again, I skipped some days, but definite improvement, so I call success.
  • Complete a cover for my novel. I got some ideas going and then decided that it was too big a job for me. I'm getting help to finish it.  :)

I'm quite satisfied with August. On to September!!

Writing/Reading Goals:
  • Finish the final edit of my novel.
  • Follow my blog posting schedule.
  • Organize my short stories into a collection.
  • Read 6 novels and study parts 1-4 in my horse training book.
  • Start searching for a new saddle and possibly sell the two saddles I have.
  • Ride a new horse.  I plan to go to the local barn for this.
  • Ride Lady at least 2x per week.
  • Arrange at least 1 piano lesson with my teacher.
  • Keep up with school assignments and my exercise schedule.
  • Earn my taekwondo purple belt (next testing)!
  • Finish paying off my summer school course and end the month with a certain amount of money in each of my bank accounts.


  1. I really like that you incorporate non-horsey goals into each month. I need to remind myself to do more of that.

    1. Thank you! I find it easier to focus with goals :)