Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Taking It Easy

Today was just one of those kind of days. The kind when you don't feel like putting much effort in and mostly just end up doing nothing.

I went out and caught Lady after she had finished her morning oats and she just felt sluggish. She was a little gimpy on her left front, which is her worst hoof anyways. I cleaned her feet out and there were no stones or anything weird in any of them, so that was good.
Poor girl was just overall really stiff and looked tired. I'm able to see now from a distance how she's feeling because she gets a dip in her back and stands differently. Her hips and ribs looked tight and she moved soooo slloooooowwww.

I made her do some circles around me just so I could make sure nothing more serious was wrong and then she got some grooming and we did stretches.

She was much more mentally relaxed and moving with more ease and swing by the time I put her back out with The Pony. Since we're still waiting on the new saddle, we'll probably just continue to take it easy this week.


  1. That face is just so freaking adorable.

    1. Complement my horse, why don't you? *grins hugely* :D