Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last Week's Schooling & This Week's Goals

Lady got more days off then I meant to give her this last week, but I did put two good rides in on Lady, which is the goal, right?
Tuesday's Ride:  Write-up here.

Friday's ride was somewhat more exciting and not so technical. I took Lady out off the property and we actually had our first real "trail ride" on our own. We made a loop across a field and around the road back home - about a mile in length. We had some minor spooks and issues - having to pass by the neighboring horse instead of going to see her, going into the shadows under the trees, and then getting chased by two dogs who were actually biting poor Lady's heels. I was pretty upset about that part, but we made it home safe and sound. It wasn't perfect or pretty by any means, but it was successful!  I was, and still am, very pleased!

On to this next week - the second week of September! You can go read my full list of weekly goals over at my other blog. That post will be up tomorrow morning!

Tuesday:  Ride out on the neighboring field. Really work on obedience, calmness and light contact.  I would like this ride to be at least 30-40 minutes long and I might pull my saddle out.

Thursday:  Focus on patterns in this ride, either in the arena or in the open on our property.  If Lady is calm/obedient enough, then work on canter transitions as well.

Friday:  Loose-rein "western" ride - just for fun.  :)

Those are the only three sessions I have planned for this week, but I may squeeze some extra little things in there as well. Who knows!

How was last week for you?  And what do you have planned for the second week of September?

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