Tuesday, September 23, 2014


No apologies for the week-and-a-half hiatus that I took from blogging, except to say that life can be a mess every once in a while. God does answer prayers, the minutes keep ticking by whether you want them to or not, and having a focus is important in order to succeed.

The fall weather is really getting to the ponies and I'm slowly getting used to riding lots of energy whenever I get on. Most of the time its not really that big of a deal - Lady is obedient, just a bit squirrely and expressive/enthusiastic. But she does feel the urge to test my leadership every so often (this morning was one of those days) and then we have minor arguments. 
I am pleased to note (aka brag) that my riding has improved a lot over the past few months and our rides are really showing it. Having her throw a fuss doesn't bother me like it used to. I can stay balanced and I'm finally getting the hang of using aids properly and consistent. She knows more of what I expect and I've gotten better at thinking on my feet (on my seat? o.O ) so that she doesn't get away with as much as she used to. 

In other news... I sold my saddle.
Good bye, lovely Wintec.
I learned about shipping saddles in the process, which was quite interesting. 

The process of finding a new saddle is totally happening now. The local tack shop has a few English options, but very little. I've been bringing some of their stuff home on trial, but I'll post more on that later on this week.

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs even while I wasn't blogging myself, or even commenting. I will attempt to start getting back in the game now. ;)