Monday, September 29, 2014

Learning Leather

So the big news is that I found a saddle that I am 85% certain will fit Lady and the purchase has been made! I'm still nervous and antsy for it to get here so that I can find out for certain. After all, there's only so much information you can get online.
(I did try several saddles and took very careful measurements and angles from each one to compare and contrast.)

The balance was wrong on this test one.
Anyways, the smaller news is that this new saddle is made of leather. I know... shocker. My only other English saddle was a Wintec and I only had a synthetic Western before that, so this is my first experience with a piece of leather bigger than a bridle.

Sooo.... I'm asking all my wonderful blogger friends out there, how do you decide what you do to clean/oil/condition your leather?
This saddle is about 7 or 8 years old but has sat in storage for about 4-5 years. Before that it was only cleaned with Lexol light leather cleaner because the owner was afraid of darkening the leather, which by the way is a lighter tan/red color. It has never been oiled or conditioned and apparently is still pretty stiff and new-feeling.
I don't much care if it darkens some, I just want to take care of the leather properly.
What would you do and why?  Thanks! :)


  1. I've followed the leather cleaning guidelines I learned in Pony Club for years, and they've served me pretty well. :) I use saddle soap to clean the leather- I like the Fiebing's spray and Higher Standards soap. I follow with leather conditioner or oil. I love mink oil because it softens leather and adds a nice shine. I typically use little sponges to clean and wipe, although I think soft cloths, old toothbrushes, and toothpicks have their place.

    Good luck with your new saddle!

    1. Thank you! I actually have a Pony Club manual sitting on my shelf that I can use for reference... how often would you clean it that thoroughly?