Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday's Tack Addiction - Saddle Pads

Would you believe me if I said I only owned 2 saddle pads?  Because it is the truth.

One Western Navajo.

One English AP.

I used to have 3 western pads. There was a lovely orange one that was just the right softness and thickness and a firmer, also thick, green one, and then there was the navajo pad pictured above. I only have the navajo one left after my tack room had an issue with rats in it and the other two were torn beyond use.

My english saddle pad is my own work. It is very simple cotton fabric with a medium thickness of foam inside and black edging. I made it according to measurements from my Wintec.

Just because I only own two pads though, does not mean that I don't go looking for more and check my bank account every so often to see if I could just maybe afford another one. I also want a half pad to help cushion Lady's back since she is so sensitive.

The few things I do want in a saddle pad are durability, shape (it has to fit over her withers properly), and I love all the pretty colors!

I really like the hunter/dark green on Lady, preferably with black trim (which is what I made my own english pad out of.  I would also like to try a plum color on her, and a few different shades of blue. And of course I want the standard black and white ones!  ALL the colors!

What kind of saddle pads are your favorites? Do you have a particular brand? How many do you own?


  1. I'm so cheap with saddle pads! For schooling, I have 3 pads from Dover Saddlery I bought for $10 each. (They haven't offered them at that price in the last year or so, they're usually $15-$20 now. But I always check their clearance section!) They're functional and since my saddle fits both horses well, they're all I need. I also have a thick waffle pad for special occasions; it's squishy and has a lot of padding at the withers. I am a total miser when I comes to pads, but I LOVE pretending I can afford to buy all the cute patterns and colors!

    1. I would totally buy them for $10 apiece! There are just too many cute patterns and colors :D

  2. I've always wanted to make my own saddle pads, very cool

    1. It was definitely a learning process and it certainly isn't perfect. I do want to try again sometime - its fun! :)

  3. I have like 3 saddle pads, so I understand haha. I don't really care to collect them and I don't mind washing them, so 3 suits me fine!

  4. I have a saddle pad problem... and probably own 5ish western pads [that live in a box, because I don't ride western anymore], 3 shaped fleece english show pads and 15-20 english schooling pads [ap and baby pads]... plus half pads.

    I have a problem.