Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Analysis/October Goals

It's October already?!  Yipes... Only three more months in the year and I am definitely not prepared for 2014 to be over.

September was an... interesting... month, to say the least. Lots of things happened, several of which took precedence to my goals at the time.

Writing/Reading Goals:

  • Finish the final edit of my novel.  I got about a third of the way through.
  • Follow blog posting schedule. Other than the 12 days that I didn't spend any time at all on blogs, I did good!
  • Organize short stories into a collection.  This one did happen, so yay! I still need to find my flash drive so I can get the last of my pieces taken care of.
  • Read 6 novels and study parts 1-4 in my horse training book.  See this blog post for more info about my reading. I'm still studying part 4 because of the immense about of information on aids that it has.
  • Saddle search.  My Wintec is being loved by a new mare and I'm waiting anxiously on my new purchase!
  • Ride a new horse.  Whoops. With everything that happened, Lady was the only one who got ridden.
  • Ride Lady 2x per week.  Without fail, I got this done. Yay!
  • Arrange at least 1 piano lesson with my teacher.  Had this yesterday. :-)
  • Keep up with school assignments and exercise schedule.  School, yes. Exercise lasted about half the month and then just fell aside again.
  • Earn my purple belt - taekwondo.  I ended up skipping testing this time around. Next month!
Inspiration?  :-)
October General Goals!
  • Read another 6 novels.
  • Complete my novel's cover and put the final touches on my publishing plan.
  • Write daily using My 500 Words.
  • Put in my university application and start planning for that huge change.
  • Be at the piano 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. (Crazy, I know.)
  • Don't drown in homework!
  • Exercise or stretch every day.
  • Get 3 people's Christmas gifts finished. (Gah... is it that time of year already?!)

October Horse Goals!
  • Have fun at the Parelli event next week!
  • Pull enough money together to have Lady's teeth done and get her a winter blanket.
  • Ride 2x per week and do groundwork 2x per week
    • Riding goal for myself: 2pointober!  My lower leg needs boot camp!
    • Riding goal for Lady: Improve focus/attention span/concentration.
    • Groundwork goal:  Refresh ground manners and lunge the canter.
As a bonus challenge for myself, I would like to halter The Pony at least every week. She has been an angel lately and I want to take advantage of that.

Challenging?  Yes.  Here goes....