Thursday, October 2, 2014

2Pointober! and More...

No, I don't jump and have no plans about it, at least not with Lady, but I have been looking forward to this month for what feels like forever. I was SO happy that L from Viva Carlos and Hillary from Equestrian at Hart decided to host this again.

I've also been super frustrated with my lower leg lately, which means I probably won't do very good with this challenge, but hey, improvement is improvement!
Still waiting on my saddle to get here, which means I don't have an English saddle to do this with yet, but according to the website, it is in transit from PA to my lovely part of Texas and should be here by Monday at the latest. That leaves me with almost exactly 4 weeks to improve my 2-point.
For those of you that read my blog and either don't ride English or don't have horses, 2-point is the position in the saddle wherein you get your seat out of the saddle, supporting and balancing yourself completely with your legs and feet and ride around like that. It is used a lot in jumping and even though I don't jump, it is a great strength builder for your legs and core, a terrific balance exercise (at least for me) and it also gets some weight off the horse's back, which in the case of my slightly older and arthritic horse, is definitely a great thing! The purpose of this contest/challenge is to see how long I can stay in 2-point position without dying!

Lady received a massage yesterday from my super awesome best friend and was definitely feeling better this morning from it.  :)  We are trying to figure out some odd swelling that she has around her old and ginormous scar, but other than that just enjoying the week off. October is doing well so far by us! :-)


  1. I have been not so happy with my lower leg as well. Time to nip that in the butt!!