Monday, October 27, 2014

Besides Horses: The College Life

I haven't really said this out loud, but besides being a horse owner I am also a college student. I'm extremely blessed that our town has a junior college so that I can still live at home, save some tuition money, and still pursue a lot of my hobbies without having to stress like I would living on my own and attending university.

Something that I've talked about even less than being a college student is the fact that I am a music major. My parents were absolutely awesome in that they started me on the piano at the age of 4. I'm 20 now. You do the math.

Obviously my major of choice was music and even more obviously a specialization in piano. I am actually graduating with my Associate's degree this December and have had an amazing 2.5 years at this college.

I haven't yet had the full dose of "college life" that many have had, but its been interesting nonetheless. We live in the country, so I have a 20 minute drive into town (sounds pitiful compared to what some of you drive to the barn!) to go to classes. 

The music and theatre departments are closely linked here and often collaborate and work together. I've been in choir the entire time and I've been able to learn a little bit of acting through a few shows.

Last fall was one of the biggest collaborations when we put on the famous Broadway show Les Miserables. It is different from a lot of musicals in that there is constantly music playing and everyone sings. The. Entire. Time.  And I was thrilled to be one of the three pianists.
Definitely one of the most exhausting best experiences of my life. 
I've been able to assist with several other musical/theatre shows since then and I blame it all on that French show!

The plan is currently to move off (eek!) next summer and start at university in the fall and continue with piano. I've come to love doing accompaniment for solo singers and choirs as much as I love working with theatre and that will probably be my career route alongside teaching piano. 

I was homeschooled my entire life and actually started at junior college in my last year of high school so I have yet to be out of school for a semester! I really don't know what I would do without having something to study and learn all the time.

Try to learn something every day. Do any of you play or sing? :)


  1. Very cool! I have short fingers so no good at the piano, but I did play the trumpet for 9 years and did one semester of school on the French horn, and played the violin (terribly) for 1 year.

  2. I played cello and violin for years and years - basically stopped halfway through college because I didn't have the time or talent to keep up with orchestra. I loved it more for the community of people than for the music, necessarily, though I do still miss my cello sometimes.