Sunday, October 19, 2014

SFTS Blog Hop: That One Thing

This blog hop is totally to satisfy my hidden desire to buy ALL THE THINGS for both me and my horse.  Since I can't actually do that, I have to write about it.

It comes in two parts...

First, I wanna know: what is the ONE piece of tack (or clothing) that you simply cannot live without? Put function aside for a moment and try to decide which piece of your tack ho collection is your favorite. It can be anything for you, or for your horse. Second, I'd like to know what you're currently saving up for or lusting after. Basically, what item do you have your eyes set on right now? If someone handed you enough money, what would be the first thing to buy on your list? 

My favorite thing right now has to be my saddle. It's the first leather saddle I've owned and even though it isn't a super high quality saddle or anything, I love the smell and feel of it. 

I'm not saving up right now for anything that I want, but if someone gave me the money, I would just love to have a pair of fancy tall boots. Real, pretty, fancy leather tall boots.  Just....  *sighs dreamily*


  1. i definitely miss having a leather saddle ... but everyone who checks my arab's back recommends sticking with the wintec. boo. good luck with the tall boots - you might be surprised at some of the deals that float around :) also, you can find really nice boots on consignment bc they're not the current style (think pull-ons instead of zips)

  2. I got my first saddle 7 years ago, I love it too, nothing better than that leather saddle smell