Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Product Review: A Bit Tacky Decals

Baby Steps posted her review just last week and it got me thinking again.  Ever since I bought my car I've wanted to put something cool and Katharine-like on it and obviously a horse was going to be part of the idea.
I took a look-see around Etsy to see what kind of pretty things I could find. Some were better put together than others, some had better designs, and still others were just more expensive than I was willing to pay for a sticker.

Well... I ended up coming back to the same shop that Cate got hers from: A Bit Tacky. She has some lovely designs and products and they look classy.

I ordered mine late last Friday evening and received it in the mail today. And I am absolutely loving it!

I like the white against my silver car, the horse silhouette could very easily be Lady, and I got to choose the wording myself. And, the size isn't too big for my small window, I can still see out of it! ;)

As you can see, a really nice size for my teeny car.  :)

You should totally check them out, so much cool stuff with ponies!


  1. I have a jumper OTTB decal for the back of my car. It's super cute, but it was super hard to put on. But maybe I'm just an idiot. ;)

    1. From A Bit Tacky, I should add. Durh. :P

    2. Interesting.... I didn't find it hard to put on at all. I loved all the OTTB decals, but since I don't have one, it would be a bit silly to put one on my car. ;)

  2. oooh looks good! thanks for linking to the store :)