Saturday, October 11, 2014

Strewn About

If you read yesterday's post you actually got to see (or rather, read) me melt down over some of the problems in life. Yeah... I don't ever do that either online or in public.   
Don't judge me, not for being human!  *cowers in a corner*

Today and tomorrow are both being spent at the Parelli tour stop entitled The Future of Horsemanship. One of the things I'm most hoping to take away from this event is how to keep the horse engaged while still going into a specific discipline. Even though I don't plan on competing with Lady, things still seem to fall apart whenever I narrow my focus, so hopefully I'll come away with some good things.

As far as the strange saddle/girth issues, I'm going to continue with the saddle I have, knowing that it fits better than my other one. 
I will not use the leather girth with elastic that came with the saddle since she definitely did not approve of it.. Instead I will continue using my cheaper but wider black girth (no matching... sad) that for the most part she seems to be okay with.

I know that by shortening my stirrups two holes I will be able to work on my 2point better (sorry, L Williams, but I just didn't end up getting an updated time this week!) and therefore improve my position, or at least my lower leg.

I know that by keeping a positive and calm attitude every time I ride, I will be able to improve Lady's attitude and therefore her responsiveness. Getting frustrated and tense does not help her at all.

Part of being so frustrated comes from being behind on homework, craziness at work, and much less time than I would like to focus on my lovely horse.

Deep breath.....

Because, if we are truthful and see past the hardships and the expense and the tears, they really are.


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