Friday, October 3, 2014

Q3 Goal Review

early June 2014

late June 2014
late July 2014
September 2014

Wow, my horse looks awkward in most of these pictures. She looks so cute and adorable and graceful until I try to get conformation pics. Crazy...

2014 Quarter 3 Review...

  • Maintain Lady at a healthy weight.  She's gotten a tiny bit rounder again lately since I've been in school, but I'm still very pleased.
  • Keep horse health records better.  Can't say I've done very well with this... but it is better.
  • Get a new saddle.  On the second go-around of this, but done.
  • Film regularly.  I'm really bad at this one, but I actually got one set of videos this quarter. Will. Do. Better.
  • Attend/Audit 1-2 clinics.  I'm headed to a 2-day Parelli event next weekend and I'm on the lookout for another one sometime this fall/winter.
  • Go to watch a horse show.  Travelling extra hasn't been on the agenda lately. Maybe this one will happen yet, maybe not.
  • Learn USDF Intro Test A and B, possibly C.  It's not pretty, but we can get through Test A.

Personal Goals:
  • Maintain a blog posting schedule.  Definitely a million times better, thanks to this blog!
  • Read more books.  Oh yes...
  • Publish my novel.  Still working on this.... *fingers crossed!*
  • Get published in a magazine.  Can't say that I've really worked on this one.
  • Win Camp NanoWrimo.  I won April and July. Done!
  • Complete Hanon exercise book (piano). Half done...
  • Piano repertoire.  I've kept my old one in shape, but that's all.
  • Be ready for college audition.  Just getting started on this.
  • Graduate from Junior College.  Not crossed off yet, but set for early Dec.
  • Get purple belt in Taekwondo.  Planning to test in November!
I'm definitely not doing as well as I had hoped, but its been a wiggly path. I really love fall and winter though, so hopefully it really keeps me going.  :-)


  1. Lady is SO cute! I love how she looks like she's about to doze off in these pictures.