Monday, October 6, 2014

Saving Pennies... Sort Of

First, check out Viva Carlos' giveaway! She is one of my very favorite bloggers to read and she just reached 1000 posts.  Great milestone! :)

Anyone who owns horses knows that they are not only the best thing ever in so many respects, but that they also cost a whole lot of money. And I'm not talking about the purchase price. 

Cute pony doesn't care about money.
If you read my post about October's goals, then you might remember that I plan to get Lady a winter blanket this month as well as have her teeth done. I'm a bad horse mom because my pretty pony was shivering last winter and its also been well over a year since her teeth were done last. Ooops.
But... being a broke college student with very few work hours means that a lot of things get skipped and pushed off because I can't afford them.

One of my problems is that once I decide to spend the money, I can't decide what is most important to do first. Blanket sales are going on now so I feel like I should go with that first (probably will). But I also need several hay nets/bags for the winter, a cooler to help with exercise in the cold, new buckets, several grooming supplies that badly need replacing, a new saddle pad, and possibly a new girth. What comes first??  :O

Am I the only one with this problem?  Yes?  Okay... 

Fuzzy pony wants food.
How do you manage to save pennies with your ponies so that you don't go bankrupt? Every once in a while it drives me crazy, but then, what would I do with all that money if she didn't eat it?! 
Oh... and my favorite part of blanket shopping is getting to pick colors. Everything Lady has so far is in hunter green and black, but I am oh-so-wanting a royal blue/black blanket for her.  What do you think? Stick with matching, or not?


  1. Purchase price is most easily the cheapest part lol

  2. sigh there's sadly no saving pennies when ponies are involved... tack of the day has some blankets on sale right now if that helps :)
    but matching is definitely fun if you can swing it!