Monday, October 20, 2014

Mostly-Good Ride

Saturday was the day I finally saddled up and rode again! It took me all week to get out there for enough time to actually ride more than back and forth between pastures.

Since I got my stirrup leathers punched with more holes I was able to properly work on my two point some. I didn't time anything (boo!), but I'll try to get that tomorrow. So far, working on 2 point has been frustrating because my balance is SO bad... I do best at the halt and the trot, but have to concentrate or I fall forward or backwards.

She looks so chubby!  I promise, its not that bad...
Lady is always so people-oriented when I ride that she kept wandering over to the spot where my dad and brothers were building a porch (at least I think it was a porch). Of course, once she would get close then she would get worried about the power tools and such like and want to leave. Crazy equine.

I didn't have a good enough plan to work with, so we went over some basics. She's been a little disrespectful about listening to my aids under saddle and acting like she can't hear my legs through the saddle flaps/girth.

We worked especially on moving the hindquarters around and not just moving the whole body over. Legs in different spots mean different things, Lady-horse. She was getting better about that when we finished.

Modelling her new hackamore. I like it!

The other issue that I'm trying to solve is her bracy-ness against a direct rein. Being a former western horse, she neck reins well, but just basic steering through putting pressure on her head makes her bracy and stiff. Maybe this is part of the bitting issue?
I'm not ruling out a physical issue on this, but I will continue to insist that she put some effort into bending when I ask for it with a rein. I'll also talk to the dentist about it whenever I get her out to balance Lady's teeth. There could be something going on inside there.

We had a little hack out after we finished schooling and I probably rode for about 20 minutes. Nothing strenuous or difficult, just basics, but I do want to slowly up the bar for her fitness and mine (as well as training). Soon.

I changed things up. Now we're both redheads!

The only selfies I take... lol!


  1. Yay for two point torture! Lady is just so cute!

    1. She is rather cute if I do say so myself. Even though my legs don't hurt while I'm torturing myself, I feel it later! ;)

  2. she's adorable!! and sounds opinionated too - just like all the best mares are :)

    1. I've only ever owned mares and she is the most opinionated I've had. :)

  3. So sometimes when a horse braces, it's because YOU are bracing against them. Have you tried adding pressure to the rein and then releasing and seeing what Lady does?