Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Goals... Updated... Part 1

In the theme yesterday of priorities changing, I've had to look at my 2015 goals and realize that not all of them are going to work out because its just not the right time and season for them.

So for today, I decided to look at the goals I made for the year and edit or delete the ones that are no longer appropriate.

1)  Go to Europe - COMPLETED.  :)
2)  Write my second novel, have a completed first draft by Christmas 2015.  I have been working on this and will continue to, in my spare time, but writing is no longer a top priority. This is going down to the bottom of my goals list as a bonus thing to do.
3)  Go back to school.  This already isn't quite as I had planned; I bumped it forward a semester. But I will be moving in order to attend school again. Still a priority - still a goal.
4)  Ride Lady 120 times.  My horses are still a top priority, so this is remaining a goal.  Whether it will happen or not, ummm.... not sure! :)
5)  Ride 12 other horses.  This one is under the horse priority, but it really isn't a good goal anymore, especially since I'm not in a position where this happens very easily. I'm changing it to be:  Ride 5 other horses at barns in the Lubbock area during/after the move while I choose a barn to move Lady to.
6) Take at least 10 riding lessons.  Still a priority - still a goal.
7)  Push myself into a healthier lifestyle.  Still a priority and still a goal, but my plans to make it happen are changing.
8)  Enjoy a more balanced and organized lifestyle.  I still like this plan and it is still a priority and a goal. Moving on :)
9)  Improving on my blogs.  Writing again - not a top priority. As far as this blog goes, I want to keep it going and polish it up a lot. My other one, same thing, but its not going to bother me as much if I go a while without posting or something.
10)  Improve my riding ability.  HIGH priority. I had some specific riding goals that I wanted to accomplish this year and I really think they will still happen, depending on how far Lady improves and what other horses I get to ride.
11)  Improve Lady's fitness and balance.  This is a big priority, but we're taking it slow due to her health.
12)  Work through trailer issues and go to an event - COMPLETED :)

I know this is turning into a saga and it's probably really really boring, but I'm mostly writing this up for my own sake. Enjoy it if you will. :)
See you tomorrow ;)

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