Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Always Changes

I've started this post so many times and always either got distracted or couldn't figure out what to say.

Anyways, everyone is doing alright.  I've been very busy working with the local community theatre on a production of Little Women the Musical. Yesterday was our last performance and I was very very sad to see it end.  I love working in theater. :)

The good thing about the show being over is that I won't be neglecting the horses anymore.  Because of all the late nights and me being super worn out, they've all become lazy pasture ponies.

The Pony herself is doing well except for some weird wound she obtained on her hindquarters. Never caused her any soreness or lameness and its almost healed up now, but I could not figure out what in the world it came from. Almost reminds me of a picture I once saw of a gunshot wound, but that's not possible o.O  Anyways, she is fine and dandy and happy.

The Colt, Comanche, had a fine time for a few weeks finding every hole in the fence and pushing his way through it. He has been banished to the front pasture with the impossible-escape fences. Poor baby. He keeps growing and recently surpassed Lady in size! He's slowly accepting ropes around his girth area and random things around him. Plans are to introduce him to a real girth/surcingle this week and start laying on top of him. Colt is ready to be backed!

The Mare is the only one that isn't doing so well. She was doing better and then I ran out of hay and various other circumstances occurred... and well... the pasture got mowed and she got put back out on it.  She's not lame, but her hooves have resumed their insane growth rhythm and she's not super comfortable. She has a bit of a belly again from the combination of grass and hay, but her ribs still show and her back doesn't look right. Since I have more time again, I'm putting her back into work and changing up her feed and schedule. We'll see if we can't get this figured out... SOON.

I'm going to be working a lot more hours now... since I'm less than two months away from moving away to college and having money saved up is kind of important for that kind of change. My priorities have definitely shifted over the course of July and August so far... its been an interesting thing to experience. More on that tomorrow (post is schedule already, so this is true).

I may also have more pictures sometime during the rest of this week...  Hopefully.

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