Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Goals... Updated... Part 2

Hi again!  Third posts in a week. I'm doing good, haha.

Here are my updated goals for the rest of 2015.  Enjoy. :)

1)  Europe.  Completed 2/12/15

2)  Move to Lubbock, settle myself and Lady in, and get enrolled in classes for January.

3)  Ride 120 times (mostly on Lady).  

4)  Ride 5 different horses while I scout out a barn for Lady.

5)  Take 10 riding lessons.  2 down, 8 more to go.

6)  Get my energy back and learn to stick to a proper healing diet.

7)  Enjoy a balanced and organized lifestyle.

8)  Continue writing on both of my blogs, as regularly as possible.

9)  Improve my riding ability.  Diagonals, transitions, and jumping.

10)  Bring Lady back up to health and a regular work schedule.

11)  Work on trailer issues and go to an event.  Completed May 2015.

12)  Bonus: Write a second novel.  First draft done by Christmas?

I'm mostly done with this goal/priority talk for now.  See you next week! :)

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