Monday, June 8, 2015

A Three Horse Herd - Maybe?

It's a sad day when you don't have pictures to share... I'll get some tomorrow, promise!

Saturday was the big day!  Comanche's vet-recommended 60 days were up since his gelding, and him and the girls could finally get together like one big happy family.
I was nervous because I've only had two horses for six years and Lady and Tempest are really really close. Adding Comanche could be the catalyst for a fight.

Anyway, after a few issues at the gate, because OBVIOUSLY everybody needs to be really close to each other while we're walking through the gates... the girls ended up in the new pasture, and we caught the boy.

My girls have been low on grass in the other pasture for a week or two now, so they were just happy to have grass! They hardly cared when I let Comanche loose, but he cared a lot and went running over to see them.

Lady had fun doing her whole pawing/striking routine that she does when she meets a new horse. Tempest squealed and tried to kick everyone, and Comanche did a LOT of sniffing around wherever either of the girls would let him.

So far, since then, whenever I look out at them, the girls are hanging out and Comanche is nearby, but obviously not really part of the "group" yet. We'll have to see how things play out.

The most interesting episode was actually this morning when I brought Lady out to work with her, leaving Tempest and Comanche alone in the pasture. Comanche always gets excited when I work with one of the other horses, but Tempest nearly had a meltdown. It was obvious that she was MAD - that Lady and I would dare to leave her alone with a crazy baby horse. He kept trying to get close to her and she bit and kicked him like I've never seen before.

Guys. I have a mean pony.  o.O

Lady was well-behaved (I'll post about her later on this week), but even she found the situation a bit strange and unnerving and called a few times - strange for her.
When I turned her back out afterwards she acted like she had never seen Comanche before and had to go check him out all over again. Of course, that made Tempest furious and she kept getting between them, biting their noses, kicking out, and squealing.
Nobody was getting hurt, so I let them be and went inside out of the heat.

Two hours later when I checked on them again, the girls were off by themselves again and Comanche was wandering around by himself.

Go figure.


  1. eh ultimately a herd of three will probably be easier than just two, esp if you want to work one horse alone at a time. hopefully they all settle down soon and become friends!

  2. I love watching herd dynamics!