Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FOO Blog Hop: Weigh-In Wednesday

200th post!  Yikes!!

I've been lurking around these monthly blog hops of Fly On Over's for a while, and decided to participate this time around.

So, here are 5 health and fitness that have been with me lately.

1. Epona Fitness Wellness Group on Facebook

Epona Fitness is a terrific fitness group on Facebook for equestrians. I found it through the awesome dressage discussion group that I'm a part of, and they are always hosting fitness challenges with a new video or workout every day. Currently, it's a running program, with either a 5K or a 10K option, and I'm totally in for it! There are check-in posts put up every day, and getting to announce to the whole group that I finished today's workout is highly satisfying.

2. Vegetarian-ism

For the month of June, I decided to be as vegetarian as I possibly could. So far its been working fine and I hardly miss the meat. Today for lunch I ate my mom's chicken noodle soup - made with chicken broth - but only because I absolutely cannot resist that particular piece of my mom's cooking. Mmm.
But other than that, its been totally fine. As long as I pop enough almonds and peanut butter and other sources of protein I don't even notice the absence of meat in my diet.

3. Morning People

I am not a morning person. I'm a writer and an artist and I often stay up late working on projects - and I love my last hour or two of sleep in the morning. But now that its becoming summertime and the temperatures are bounding upwards (we had a 95 degree day today, what?!), I have to resign myself to getting up a bit earlier, especially if I want to get both my run in, and work with one of the horses before it gets too hot. Blech. But it's getting easier. :)

4. Swimming

We set up our pool again today, and I am crazy excited to start swimming again every day. Because I have some minor issues with my joints (from diet choices over the years) I prefer to do as few high-impact things as I can. Swimming is totally my favorite way to exercise. Besides... summer fun!

5. Spaghetti without Tomato Sauce

I know... sounds weird. But I'm IN LOVE with either spaghetti or linguine with toppings other than tomato sauce, especially since tomato sauce kills my stomach. Today I made my own alfredo sauce with butter, milk, and a bit of flour, plus spices. Last week I melted a bit of butter on my noodles, tossed in some roasted garlic cloves, and shredded parmesan cheese on top. Heavenly. And healthy!

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  1. Thanks for participating! Now I'm craving some pasta with pesto sauce, haha