Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monthly Review + Goals

June flew by!  It seems like just yesterday that it was cold outside, and it was raining like it would never stop!  But suddenly its time for another review.... so here you go ;)

Looking Back on June...

What did I complete that I'm proud of in June?

  • I kept up the running and working out - even got back into it after a week of being sick!
  • Lady got to be sound again.
  • I made several big steps towards starting my small writing business.
  • I finished applications for going back to college in 2016.

What goals did I attempt in June?

  • Health: Diet.  I went vegetarian for the month and succeeded (except for broth once or twice). Doing that really made me focus on my protein sources and put careful meals together. I limited grains for the whole month and actually lost most of my cravings for bread-stuffs. I did great on the first week of NO sugar, and then slowly backslid again, oops. But I'm doing better on this too. I seriously feel a ton better.
  • Health: Exercise, etc.  The exercising went terrific. I'm up to being able to run for 3 minutes at a time and except for the one week when I was sick, I stuck to the 5K training schedule. I also committed to using less chemical products and I really improved here too, using more natural products (coconut milk and oil are awesome). And then this happened... Ooops.
Because hair dye is totally natural.
  • Horses.  We had a TON less rain, which was great! Comanche finally got to go out with the girls and they're all getting along beautifully now, although it took about two weeks to get there.  Sadly, because of Lady's health issues and busy life, I didn't squeeze in as much training time as I had hoped. And riding didn't happen.
  • Writing.  I'm ready and excited for Camp Nanowrimo to start tomorrow. My goal is 50K words.
  • Blogging.  I got my own domain name (www.katharine-marie.com) and its been onwards and upwards the whole month. Yippee!
I definitely have the cutest/sleepiest horse.

Goals for July!

I want to...

  • Write 50,000 words for Camp Nanowrimo.
  • Ride Lady again.
  • Get a saddle on Comanche.
  • Polish piano songs for college audition/prepare for college and moving.
  • Take time to look long and hard at my life goals.
  • Continue with the 5K training and regular workouts.
  • Keep the blue hair (aka redye at least once more).
  • Stay focused and productive by taking time over the weekends to recoup my brain.

I want to focus on this 1 habit...

  • Getting up in the morning and going right to work.  I'm horrible about being lazy first thing in the morning and it ruins my productivity for the rest of the day.

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