Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Comanche Moon

Remember this guy...?

He is arguably the cutest little boy I've ever seen. I would say he's the cutest baby I've ever had, but I'm afraid that Tempest beats him out on that count. Baby ponies are definitely the cutest.

However, Comanche is definitely growing out of the cute stage and going through the awkward stage before he becomes handsome, lol.

Just like with Lady, he's been getting some time off lately, with all the rain and mud and flooding and MUD and storms and tornadoes and MUD.  Did I mention mud?

However, his brain has started settling down a little bit. He doesn't quite act like a little stud anymore, he doesn't rear or kick as a first or second response. Instead, he actually thinks about things.
He's only a three year old, so there's no telling how he'll even out by the time he's five or six, but I'm quite pleased with how he is doing right now. He has a lazy streak, which is just fine, he can be pretty stubborn, and he does argue with a lot of things, but there are just so many things that he doesn't know and wasn't taught at a wee young age.
He doesn't like flappy things (aka saddle pads).
He doesn't like things tight on him (aka girth), but he's getting better here.
He does like scratches, especially on his withers, and he likes treats.
He likes lots of treats.
He likes calling to the girls.
He is super confident and not spooky.
And he definitely likes attention and a kind hand.

Best news of all?  He gets to finally be introduced to the girls this weekend. If all goes well, we'll have a three horse herd in a week.  *fingers crossed*

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