Monday, June 22, 2015


I'll confess - I laugh reading some of my favorite equestrian blogs when they talk about their tack-hoarding tendencies. I've always just had the equipment that was needed, spent my money on good feed and farrier bills, and enjoyed my horse.

And then I got into English riding last year. And suddenly, my tack collection started to grow.

Seriously, I only bought my first English saddle last February. At that point, I had one Western saddle, one girth, one saddle pad, one breastplate, one bridle, one bareback pad, and a few different Parelli ropes and sticks.


I own two saddles, three girths, four saddle pads, three sets of boots, three nice halters, a lovely hackamore, three sets of reins, three breastplates, five bits, a bucket a overflowing with lead ropes and lines, a blanket, and a host of grooming and care tools that I never thought I needed.
And then a few weeks ago a friend gave me a pair of side reins. I had been wanting a pair of side reins, so yay! :)

But then... I realized that I didn't have a way to use the side reins... My saddle isn't set up for them and my girth doesn't have side rings.

So I needed to scrounge up a surcingle to attach these pretty side reins to. But I couldn't scrounge anything up in the area or that I could afford! And then I went online to find some hay nets because of Lady's frustrating grass allergy and guess what?! I found a good deal on what seems like a nice surcingle with lots of rings and pretty things!

So I claimed it, and it turned out that the seller had a few other things that looked nice.

I may or may not have a surcingle, three new pads, and a new bit with reins on the way. Who knows.

At this point, I'm just going to take this as a normal part of my equestrian life.

And I might be going paddock boot/half chap shopping next week because cowboy boots + English saddle flaps = NO FUN.


  1. Once you start, you just can't stop!

  2. lol welcome to the dark side. i also consider myself fairly practical... and yet somehow the collection grows and grows haha