Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Pickles

Last Sunday (the 4th) I got Lady out, saddled up and rode around for 20 minutes or so.  She was definitely in a mare-ish mood and very strong, so we had to work through that until she softened a bit. It was a bit of a frustrating ride but we ended on a fairly good note...

The next Tuesday (the 6th) we did groundwork first, because of how pickle-ish she had been on our last ride. (Pickle is now my new favorite expression for Lady.....).  She behaved decently enough so I went ahead and rode for almost 30 minutes. We actually had a mini breakthrough about bending and straightness, which I plan to write about sometime. She was still being a naughty pickle and avoiding work like the plague - aka stopping, pulling, running out at ground poles (really?) and going hollow instead of forward. Silly horse.

Yesterday I thought about riding, but decided to stick with groundwork instead. We played around in the pasture with catching and approaching and being a good horsie. She was having way too much fun being a crazy Arab and with the insane amount of mud out there, it made it hard to do much. We had some fun stumbling around though and she softened after a while. She got treats and I got hugs.  :)

Fuzzy pony wants more peppermints.....

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