Friday, January 2, 2015

December Analysis/January Goals - Looking Forward!

This is the last of these posts for a while - I promise.

December Personal Goals
  • Stay sane through finals week and the rest of the Christmas show.
  • Get accepted into university.  Didn't finish my paperwork.
  • Complete 2014 goals as well as possible. 
  • Have an awesome Christmas holiday.
  • Smile and relax.  Mostly... I did pretty good.

December Equestrian Goals
  • Complete 2014 goals as well as possible.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes with the horses every day. I forgot about this one.
  • During Christmas break, take a whole day to go trail riding.
  • Get Tempest through basic groundwork again.  Not quite.
  • Really work my lower leg and get it more stable.  Lots better!

January Equestrian Goals
  • Get into the habit of keeping records of all my rides.
  • Work with Lady at liberty on good balanced circles and transitions.
  • Get Lady more sensitive to leg aids.
  • Keep up the canter work and build strength in both of us.
January Personal/Blog Goals
  • Complete all the paperwork and applications for TTU.
  • Write 10 pages of notes about plot, twists, characters, setting and other ideas for my second novel.
  • Get all the arrangements made for leaving for Europe.
  • Get an editorial calendar set up for the rest of the year for both blogs.
Hopefully this is a great start to a great year! :)


  1. Fun goals! You're going to have a great year! Happy New Year!

  2. nice goals for january - good luck getting them accomplished!!