Tuesday, January 20, 2015

He's Finally Here!

Remember when I wrote up a post about a certain baby horse that I would be taking in?
Well... he arrived here on Sunday and I'm pretty much loving having three horses again. So much fun.  :)

He's young, about 2 and a half, not yet gelded, and not at a weight where I would like him to be, but we can fix that.  :)
Right now he's in the paddock by himself so that he can eat all the hay he wants and because I'm not quite ready to put him out with my girls.

I let Lady meet him over a fence today and it went alright.  They had had two days of seeing each other across the property already to let him settle in.
I brought Lady over and did a little basic groundwork with her around his paddock to make sure she was listening to me. She was alert, but she was a good girl.  I did turn her loose to let her go meet him, mainly because she gets very expressive with her front legs when she meets a new horse (aka strikes and half rears) and I don't wish to be hurt.

I let them have a few minutes to figure things out over the fence and I'm kind of thinking it will all be okay. Tomorrow or Thursday I'm going to put them both out in the arena and see how things go...

Such an adorable baby.  And I love his ears!
He responds to pressure with a lot of correct responses, but he gets worried and has to move his feet in order to deal with that anxiety. He leads okay, but wants to follow directly behind you, so we'll have to deal with that.  My plan is to get a lunge whip out on Thursday and actually have a proper lesson on leading. He'll be a fast learner - I can feel it  :)

And who couldn't love those soft eyes...
Here's to Comanche Moon, everyone. I love baby horses.  :)


  1. He's adorable! Congrats!! I would have him gelded before you put him out with mares. They are capable of making babies at two and a half! Not all will, but I've heard of horses even younger than him impregnating mares.