Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Love Winter

Seriously, I do.

I love sitting by the fire, since I'm super lucky and we heat our house mostly with a wood stove.
I love hot chocolate
I love fuzzy ponies.
I love snow.
I love snuggling in warm blankets and being cozy
I love fashionable sweaters and coats. And boots!
I even love the nippy air and the pretty icicles.

But what I don't like is the mud....
...the biting wind.
...the miserable half soggy, half frozen ground.
...the numb fingers.

One of my goals for January was to work on some liberty stuff with Lady. Well... due to the rain and the mud, I don't have a proper place to work with her on that. Yeah, it just hasn't happened like I wanted it to.
Also because of the rain (freezing rain at times, I might add) I haven't ridden as much. I prefer not to ride in the cold when its muddy because Lady tends to get a bit frisky when I get her out and we usually end up pulling a muscle or slipping around or something like that.
If the ground could just dry up, I would be somewhat happier....

Totally boring, complaining post - but at least now you know my opinions on winter.

Seriously.... I don't know how all of you that live north of Texas manage it.

Brrrrr..... <3


  1. not having a proper place to work really has me bummed too... tho hopefully at least some forms of ground work will be possible??? ugh... stay warm!

    1. Oh, I know!! I love keeping my horses at home, but its crazy how much I'm looking forward to boarding Lady next winter and having a (hopefully) decent arena to work in.... And much. less. mud.