Monday, April 13, 2015

Comanche Update

Baby horse has been getting short spurts of training whenever I get the chance to go out there, or whenever the horses are not yelling and running up and down the fence lines.

I don't know if I was very clear or not, but Comanche was a two year old stud colt when he first arrived here... and as spring moved in, so did my wonderful mare's hormones.  Lady's always a cranky, irritated female during the spring, and having a stallion around the place shot her ability to focus straight through the roof this year.

It was supposed to be done sometime anyways, so I had the vet out on Friday and little Comanche is now a gelding. :)

He snored straight through the entire process and didn't make a fuss for anything at all.  I was really proud of him, and the vet liked him too.  :)

He recovered from the drugs really well and he seems to be healing up very well, and staying happy. Of course, he can't go out with the girls for a while yet, and I have to stay on top of his exercise, but all's well.

As far as his training goes, he is such a fast learner. He's figuring out personal space pretty well, learning to back up, and how to yield his hindquarters. He still hasn't quite learned that he can't just leave and turn away any time he thinks he's done with work, but even that has gotten better.

Hopefully in the next week we can start getting him comfortable with a saddle blanket, getting the idea of lungeing, and start picking up his feet better.

And hopefully Lady will calm down soon too.  We've got a lot of work to do together!  :)

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