Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Aspirations!

I'm really really stoked about the month of April.  I just got back from an amazing 6 week trip to Europe, its spring time and the flowers are out, and I just all around feel really good about this month!  So here are my goals for April.

  1. Work on my story notes twice a week.
  2. Prepare Lady for an intro endurance ride that we have planned for the beginning of May. This will include trailer loading boot camp.
  3. Stick firmly to my blogging editorial calender. For both blogs!
  4. Memorize all my college piano audition pieces 100%.
  5. Work super hard on all the productivity habits and routines that I am attempting to put in place.

And here are my thoughts about each of these goals for April!  Enjoy my brain's commentary.

  1. It isn't all THAT hard just to work on story notes.  I just need to do it.  But I can't decide which story to work on and I can only have one!  It's not doable.  But I have to do it - I have to choose the story that appeals to me the most. And then work on it twice a week for 20 minutes at a time. That's really easy, right?
  2. I have one month to get Lady trailer-able and fit enough to go to an endurance ride? How in the world does one do that? Yeah, I guess she is in good enough shape that it won't be too hard to get her ready for just an intro ride. And what if I can't afford it? Because I really want to do this, I'm just kind of scared that its going to fly out the window like so many other events that I've wanted to do with Lady have. So... maybe this time it will work? Maybe...
  3. I'm pretty sure that I can do this one. Really sure. As long as I just write when I'm supposed to, it can't be too hard.  Only 26 posts (minus this one)... and I already know what they all are. Easy... right?
  4. I just need to practice every day, otherwise this can't happen. I am already pretty good at all my songs, so just keep "loving your piano" like I was taught. And maybe squeeze a few lessons in too.
  5. This one deserves a post all to itself.  Which I will have to write about yet in April...

What are your plans for April?  Do you have spring fever too? :)

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