Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Fitness: The Goal

Every spring its the same. I get all excited about becoming more fit, riding ALL THE TIME, doing events with my horse, and everything that goes with that. I mean, of course I get excited around New Years, but this is when I really get motivated.

Am I the only one?  No? Yes? Anyone?

Well, this year, I made some pretty specific goals on the horse front, which involve fitness on both my part and Lady's. I also have a goal to have some off-property time with Lady.  So, the motivation is really, really strong right now. And the pressure. Lots of pressure.

So, I need some short term goals as steps towards the larger goals. April's goal is to prepare Lady for an intro endurance ride that is scheduled to happen at the beginning of May.

The intro ride will be approximately 11 miles long... and Lady is in decent shape, which means half of  getting ready for this excursion will be getting me able to ride for that long. Sooo... with that in mind...

My short-term, reachable goal is to get up on top of Lady 4 times a week up until the endurance ride, and spend 30 minutes up there each time.

Doable?  I think so... :)

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  1. that endurance ride sounds fun - good luck preparing!