Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Essential Manners - What to Know

After working with Comanche lately, and planning out his training in the future, I've been thinking a lot about what ground manners he ought to have. That leads to me analyzing how good Lady's ground manners are, and then thinking what is ideal for any horse.

So, I scrounged around online a little and found out what some other people consider to be essential manners so that I could list what I like to see in a horse.

  • Lead quietly, beside and not behind me.
  • Allow me to touch him all over without any problems.
  • Stand quietly for the farrier.
  • Load on a trailer.  This is the one that Lady does not do, since I don't have a trailer to practice.
  • Stand tied, either to a post, or in cross ties.
  • Be caught easily in the pasture. 
  • Respect personal space. Very very well, and...
  • Never, ever present me with his hindquarters. Even though Lady doesn't kick, turning away like that is a major sign of disrespect.

So, what do you think? Are all these things essential to you too, or do you have less/more?  :)


  1. Pick up all four feet without fuss
    Stand quietly to be tacked
    Don't run me over when being led into their stall
    Not being mouthy and/or constantly looking for treats
    Stand quietly while being unhooked from the lead rope for turnout
    Stand quietly for bathing
    Stand still while being mounted (no walking away with the rider's 1 foot in the stirrup)

  2. Not-So-Speedy Dressage is my FAVORITE blog for groundwork stuff. You should totally pick her brain :D