Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Europe - Part Three

Part three of my Europe pictures!  Ya'll might enjoy these best because this is the point where I show off pictures of the Spanish Riding School's stable and some of the horses!  We watched the morning exercises to music the day after I took those pictures.  :)

SRS Stable, from the street.

Leading the horses out for training.

Handsome stallions!

Crossing the street to go to training.

One of the handsome boys.

Coming back from training.

This handler was awesome, saw me taking pictures, and set this boy up for me!

I seriously got to snap this one from up close. :D

Vienna carriage horses.

The Wiener Eistraum (Vienna Ice Dream).

After we finished skating!! So much fun!

Parliament in Vienna.

The Palace Schonbrunn in Vienna. Famous palace!

Hot chocolate on our last night in Vienna.

Spending the morning in Venice.

Venice was beautiful!

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