Monday, March 3, 2014

A Weekend Without Horses + Blog Challenge Day 1

Since I was out of town all weekend, there have been no horses involved for several days. <sad face>
But I have done quite a bit of studying and planning, and I think I have a fairly decent workout plan scheduled for Lady, plus a good layout of her care and management for the next few months. That is, if my computer hasn't lost my work overnight. Silly thing does that rather often, for some strange reason.

Equestrian Blog Challenge - Day 1 - What was your most recent fall from a horse?
I do not remember falling recently, unless getting tangled in baling twine and falling flat on one's rear end counts? But, of course, I haven't really been consistent about riding and its hard to fall when you don't ride.
Quite honestly, I've only fallen about five or six times total. Legitimately that is. I don't consider it a fall to misjudge your mounting distance and slide down the other side - as I've done too many times. It makes me feel like a pretty horrible rider to say I can't remember my last fall! <gasp!>

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