Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chore Day!

No riding or playing today... just extra chores! I caught both the horses (yay for being able to catch the wild pony!) and brought them down to the lovely grassy paddock for a treat while I worked.
Trying to find the best spot of grass, and being distracted!

Definitely something caught their interest... After all, its a different part of the property!

Happy horses :)
I checked on my flower beds, and they seem to be doing quite fine. None of the plants have drooped or look any worse for having been planted yesterday and the soil was still moist. I tend to have a hard time growing plants successfully, so I'm hoping these turn out!

I decided to finally get after some of the mess around the feeding area/stall/shelter/etc spot(s) in the horse's current pasture. I'm trying to work with the stall and get the footing more level, since it slopes up from the doorway and is very uneven. I don't mind the slight slope up, but once inside the stall I want it to be level, especially for my easily-sore Lady.  <wink>
I picked up lots of manure, particularly around the hay/water spots and from the track they use along the fence. The area around the manure pile is quite a mess, but between the pitchfork and the rake, I got a good portion of it cleared. It's still bare dirt, but the whole area by the shelter is much neater looking now.  I'm happy.  :)
I also picked up quite a bit of hay off the ground. Someone needs to teach my horses their manners. They drop a LOT of hay on the ground, and most of it good hay. I've decided to be stubborn - whatever they toss on the ground that is still fit to eat will go back in the trough for a second round. They don't trample the hay or anything, it just lays there, but they won't touch it unless its in the trough.  O.o
The tack room also got a bit of a cleaning today. It isn't very pest-proof (is that a term?) and so it can get pretty dirty pretty fast. I swept and tidied some and mostly got it looking better.
Before.....  :(

After...  :)

Blog Challenge, Day 8 - What would be your dream set of tack/equipment?
That is actually a pretty tough question. I am very very blessed to have most all of the tack I need. All my ropes are Parelli-brand and extremely good quality. My bridles aren't the most wonderful, but they are well made. I have an amazing saddle sitting right in front of me (my Wintec). Probably the only thing I need to replace soon are going to be Lady's boots, and I'll need a new saddle pad.
But.... if I had a "dreamy, perfect" set of equipment.... I would want a Parelli saddle, or a Balance one, or maybe a Pessoa.  Not completely sure. I would want fifteen different saddle pads, all in different colors, depending on my mood of the day! I would have the softest leather bridle, probably an Antares, or something similar. I really want those fancy stirrups, the ones that are flexible or something.
There's probably a ton of other stuff, but I can't think of it right now. I actually have such really nice stuff already....  :)

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