Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 2 + Exercise Begins!

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday, so I get to double up today.  Fun!
Last night I started what is usually called a "legging up" program, or a very basic fitness regime. To start off, I did handwalking for 20 minutes, interspersed with 30-second periods of trotting. We did that last night as well as this morning and even though Lady does fine, it is me who needs the workout and is worn out at the end of it! <embarrassed grin>
Over the course of the next three or four weeks, I plan to increase the time of handwalking to 45 minutes with four 2-minute periods of trotting among it. I know that this will not be hard at all for Lady, but it will be for me, so in order to help her get a better workout, I plan to do some extra lunging and hillwork either before or after the handwalking. Of course, this is besides a regular training session. <wink>
This evening I'm hoping to saddle up and ride for a little while. Exciting!

Equestrian Blog Challenge - Day 2 - What is your pet peeve about riding, especially when watching others ride?
Ooooh, this is kind of hard, considering I'm always trying to find the good in people, and to be perfectly honest, I probably watch the horse more than the rider anyways. But probably what bothers me the most often is people who don't try to get better. So many riders do not pay attention to their position or what it is doing to the horse (unbalanced rider = unbalanced horse!). Especially in my area I see so much horses on the forehand, simply because their rider is preventing them from going any other way. I see people with heavy hands who complain about their horse being dull ALL the time. So, I guess my pet peeve would be people who don't attempt to improve.

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