Saturday, March 29, 2014

Update and Blog Challenges

I've left out a couple of days this week, but here is blog challenge, day 10.

What is your favorite horse-related book? Movie?
Book is hard because there are too many! I love Black Beauty (who doesn't?) and the Black Stallion, and I love all the Henry books. If I had to pick one though, I would probably go with either King of the Wind, or Black Gold, both by Margaret Henry. The Black Stallion series is the runner-up, definitely! As a side note, I have National Velvet sitting in my room - never read it, but plan to do so in April.
Movies are also hard because I truthfully have not seen that many horse movies. Ummm.... I really loved Black Beauty and Black Stallion (again!). I'm going to pick Seabiscuit though, as my favorite. I cry every time, so it must be good!

In other news... I haven't ridden Lady since Monday of this week.  Eeeeekkk!  But I plan to do so this afternoon, and have a few ideas in mind already, so hopefully it turns out well. I'll probably write about it tomorrow. I've also got a goals review coming up for Monday, which I'm kind of dreading, since I haven't done so good lately.  <frowns at my efforts....>

Since I don't have anything else to put up, here is one of my Parelli auditions from five years ago. Of course, we've improved greatly since then, but its interesting to watch!  Enjoy! :)  Oh, and I finally updated the page about me, if you want to look.  ;)

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