Monday, March 24, 2014

Enjoying the Ride

Blog Challenge, Day 7  -  List all your tack and equipment.
- My dream saddle. A Wintec 500 All Purpose with Cair Panels. Black with a 17.5 inch seat.
- English baby saddle pad. Handmade with 1/4 inch foam. Hunter green with black trim.
- English girth. Local store brand. 52 inches. Black.
- Breastplate. Local store brand. Beautiful, sturdy, leather.
- Stirrups. Local store brand. Stainless steel with white inserts.
- Stirrup leathers. Local store brand. Nylon.
- Abetta Trail Saddle with round skirt. Black with a 15 inch seat.
- Navajo western saddle pad. Locally purchased. Red and green weave.
- Abetta neoprene cinch.
- Abetta breastcollar for a western saddle. Florescent lime.
- Western bridle. Tan oil. Locally purchased.
- English bridle with cavesson noseband. Dark brown oil. Local store brand.
- O-ring snaffle bit. Stainless steel. Currently in use.
- Curb bit. Stainless steel. Not in use.
- 3 Parelli rope halters. One red in Arab size. Two Regular size in Black and Hunter Green.
- Black nylon halter with breakaway headstall.
- Green nylon halter. Arabian style.
- Lunge whip.
- Parelli Carrot Stick and Savvy String.
- Parelli 45-foot Lariat rope.
- Parelli 22-foot Rope.
- Parelli 12-foot Rope.
- Parelli 22-foot Feather Line.
- Parelli 11-foot Finesse Reins.
- Bell Boots. Local store brand. Black.
- Splint Boots. Local store brand. Black.

Lady after our ride today. :)
We didn't do much interesting today. I warmed Lady up on the ground, saddled up and discovered once I had mounted that I had been careless and let my saddle slip back while moving her around. Sigh. Oh well. We did a few yielding exercises and then rode around the perimeter of the property, which is actually in itself a bit of a stretch, since the horses get worried even that far from each other. So, it was a good exercise, and I was actually quite proud of Lady. She listened to me and only tried to break into a trot one time. She did try to drift away from the fence, but wasn't pushy or upset about me reminding her. Good progress. :) She even did well enough that I took the chance to practice standing in the stirrups. I *will* be able to do a posting trot yet this spring. <determination... sort of>
The other thing that was interesting and went well was handwalking her. Our driveway goes out in two different directions, so we went down each way. She is confident up to the end of the actual driveway, so we pushed some thresholds today and went a bit further. The one way she was pretty good at and mostly wanted to eat grass.  O.o  The other way was the way we went the other week when she blew up on me, and I think she remembered that, or at least remembered that there were other horses that way. Anyways, her head came up and she got a bit tight, but still listened and was obedient, so I was pleased.   :)

Non-horsey thing to tell about - I put together two flower beds the other day. Today, I bought flowers and planted them. There is now a small flower bed on each side of the tack room door.  :)


  1. Aw her expression is so sweet in that picture.

    1. Awww - thanks! Boost her mare ego even more ;)