Monday, March 31, 2014

Goal Review - March 2014

Horse-Related Goals for March 2014:
- Be regular in riding Lady (3x per week). I averaged about 1.5-2 rides per week. Better than we had been doing. :)
- Film 2 sessions. Nope. Nada. Bad me.
- Keep up with care and exercise. Yup, at least on the care side of it. Exercise, not so much, but better again, so I'm not too upset.
- Study the Horse Riding Manual. Didn't quite finish, but got a lot of studying in. Happy about it.  :)

Horse-Related Goals for Spring 2014:
- Start working in Parelli Levels 3/4 OnLine. I've been improving some Level 1/2 stuff, so we should be able to start working harder on this now!
- Improve fitness so I can master the rising trot. Getting better. I'm stretching/working out more regularly and finally got to the chiro so I'm more straight!
- Start working in the canter. Getting closer. Sort of. :P
- Jump a course of 1 foot jumps. We've done more poles and tiny jumps in March. Slowly getting there too!

Horse-Related Goals for 2014 Overall:
- Maintain Lady at a healthy weight. So far, she is still at about the same weight. Fingers crossed!  
- Keep horse health records better. Uhh... nothing so far. <hangs head>
- Film regularly. Not yet.
- Attend/Audit 1-2 clinics. I've looked for some in the area. Rather broke right now. :P
- Go to watch horse shows. Again, I've looked around and have put at least two on the calender! :)
- Learn USDF Intro tests. I printed the Intro A test so I can start working on specific maneuvers.

Personal Goals for March 2014:
- Write for 15 minutes a day. So far, nearly every day. Happy!
- Practice piano daily. Not so good, but I have a few engagements coming up, so we'll see.
- Go back to taekwondo classes. Yup! I've gone nearly every week for about three weeks now.
- Study the Bible regularly. Definitely done better lately. Reading at least a chapter every night.
- Paint again. I didn't paint in March, but I drew and Prismacolor-ed a pretty awesome dragon! I say it counts! ;)
- Read Freckles, Anne of Avonlea, and Innocence (novels). Freckles is finished, Anne of Avonlea is half-done, and Innocence only came in a few days ago, so I haven't started yet. :P

Personal Goals for 2014 Overall:
- Maintain a posting schedule for my blog. Pretty happy. I have done 3 posts every month of 2014 so far. Big improvement.
- Read more books. So far, so good. I'm giving myself a reading list for each month. Helps a lot.
- Publish my novel. Currently revising and proofreading.
- Get a story published in a magazine. Uhhhh.... not really worked on this one yet.
- Win Camp NanoWrimo. Starting on April's camp tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

- Complete the Hanon exercise book (finger-strengthening!). Urgghhh... this is no-stirrup work for pianists. No report here.
- Create a decent repertoire. Currently working on remembering my old one. :P
- Be ready for my college audition in 2015. No progress.
- Play the violin regularly. And.... no progress.  Sigh.

- Graduate from Paris Junior College. Still depends on summer and fall classes lining up.
- Get my purple belt in taekwondo. I'm back in classes now, so this should work out!
- Get along better with my big sister. No comment.

So, it seems that as far as writing and horses go, I've done good so far. I'll be back tomorrow with goals for April.  :)  Off I go to play/ride Lady!


  1. Sounds like you are trucking along.

    1. Thanks! It actually sounds a lot better now that I've written it out! :)