Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 4

There isn't much to tell about today. We had a north wind blow in, which is very uncomfortable to be out in, so I've done the basic outside chores and that is all. I feel a little guilty though... I should probably have gone out to do a little rubbing on Lady since she is mostly likely somewhat sore from yesterday's adventure.
But, since I haven't kept up with my "blogging challenge" here is Day 4.

Who is your equestrian "idol" or who do you enjoy watching the most?
This is kind of bad, but I really don't watch that much. I need to, I really do, and if anyone can suggest a few higher level competitors that I should watch and learn from, I would be forever grateful!
That being said, I do keep an eye on Lauren Barwick - 2008 Canadian Gold Medalist in dressage at the ParaOlympics. She is an advocate of Parelli, the program I use as a basis for a lot of what I do, which is where I found out about her. AND, I have had the crazy wonderful honor of being in the same warm-up arena with her (she gave me a few tips on my lateral work) which was really really cool. She is a real champion, in all areas.

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