Thursday, March 27, 2014

Little Things Count

The weather was lovely today, but quite windy, so I didn't ride, but worked with Lady on the ground instead. She has been in and out of season the last two weeks, so I'm trying to find the balance between being too gentle and too sharp. As always, she gives me awesome feedback!
She has been a lot more relaxed the last two or three times I've played with her, which is interesting, but nice. Relaxed does not mean she isn't dominant however, so I still have to remind her of boundaries and limits. Tehe.

We walked for a little bit and then did some gentle lunging. She dropped her head quite a bit during the trot, and blew out a lot. When she gets into her trot like that, its lovely and soft and then I can ask for the canter and she is able to jump into it with power coming from the hind end. Its awesome :)
Point of irritation about myself - I keep trying to remember to watch and feel which side is Lady's stiffer side. I know for certain that she went much easier one way today, but for the life of me, I can't remember which side it was! Sigh... I'll try to watch closely again tomorrow.   :P

We did a few hills, which I'm trying to convince her to do at a walk only. The trot is good for hills, but she tends to hollow out at the trot and then her hind end drags, which we do not want! So, for now, hills are only at the walk. Makes her grumpy, but at least I know its good for her!

I played with something I haven't done in a long while and that is picking up one foot on command. I use my lunge whip (which might not be the right tool, not sure yet), and tap the fetlock of the leg I want her to pick up. Lady understands a bit better with her front feet, but is pretty much confused about the hind feet. She also tends to get worried and tries to evade the pressure. I think that 1) my timing isn't all that great, 2) the whip doesn't give the release she needs, and 3) my body language isn't quite right. Anyways, my goal is to have her lift the foot and hold it up when I tap her fetlock. We got a sort-of-correct response and ended there. Save the rest for another day.

We ended the session with some more circles and going over poles. Right now she really doesn't care about stepping on poles. She stands on poles.  O.o This has to be fixed. After all, I wish to jump with this horse!

The only other exciting thing happening is that The Pony has decided to be lame.  :(  I'm pretty sure that her hoof broke off a bit too short this time and she's just sore on it, especially since she walks okay, but her trot is majorly lame. I'll take a better look at her shoulder, leg, and foot tomorrow.

I've seen this around today, so here is my Throwback Thursday picture.  :)

Approximately summer of 2008, shortly after I got my first saddle.  :)
Not the best form, I know, but it was fun!


  1. Aw I hope she's feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks! Both girls seem to be doing a bit better, but I'll be checking them over thoroughly today to make sure. :)

  2. Here's hoping she feels better ASAP!

    1. Thank you so much - I think they're both doing okay now, but I'll update again soon. :)